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Channeling composers

Channeling a countermelody

October 1, 2014

Many of my faithful readers know that I channel dead composers from time to time. Well, not really, I pretend to and it makes for a good read. But something eery happened recently that was very likely channeling something or someone. And I have a witness. Conductor, Scott Dunn sat with me for several days […]

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Yesterday Peter Tchaikovsky’s ghost was officially given political and sexual asylum in San Francisco. Composer Roger Bourland helped negotiate the arrangement. Bourland stated that “Although Peter had long loved New York and considered settling there, it was clear to him that the Bay Area composers were the most vital on the planet and that he […]

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Yesterday Rosemary Brown officially passed her torch to composer Roger Bourland––meaning, as she is no longer on the planet, she petitioned the Earth Oversight Committee to have Bourland succeed her in periodic channeling of dead composers. In an interview, Bourland was quick to point out that he would not channel the composers’ music as Brown […]

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Post image for Ghost of Stravinsky Arrested in Russia

The ghost of composer Igor Stravinsky was arrested in Boston, Russia today for “acting queer.” Allegedly a life-long bisexual, Stravinsky kissed the policeman firmly on the mouth, grabbed his cheeks and shouted “Ah, c’mon, you liked that didn’t you?” UCLA’s Professor Tamara Levitz denied that the event took place saying “There is no proof it […]

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WHERE is Roger?

March 2, 2013

Bellini: I don’t mean to panic, but WHERE is Roger? He is such a sweet boy and I so enjoyed his posts on his blog. Especially when he let’s us come back and say a few words. Berlioz: I always thought that I would know, if any dead composer would know, where Roger is but […]

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Bellini pays a visit

August 21, 2012

I normally start each day with a hot bath at 6:30 am with coffee and a tablet (Nexus 7 right now). Last week I was peacefully soaking and reading when I looked through the steamy glass that separated my bath tub from the toilet, and there was a man sitting there, not anyone I knew. […]

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Verdi pops in

May 4, 2012

I’m hard at work in the middle of my opera, ANGELA PERALTA. We are half way across the Sea of Cortez in the middle of the night, and the sailors are restless and wild. When Angela shows up, they flirt with her and she loves it. Their antics come and go in Act 1 and […]

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March 13, 2012

Composer, Igor Stravinsky once modestly stated that, when composing his famous ballet, “The Rite of Spring,” he was “…but the vessel through which the work passed.” Oh pullease. Igor, get over yourself. Or perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to condemn that possibility. Twice this week I felt that I was blatantly interfered with, and […]

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Composer Profile: Roger Bourland by Tony Spano, Jr. At the genesis of Pacific Serenades, a concert repeated over two nights at the home of Lee Burns in 1982, three new pieces were premiered alongside Baroque and Renaissance pieces for organ. The first commissioned work of Pacific Serenades premiered on those concerts. Composed by Roger Bourland, […]

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Roger chats with Beethoven

February 3, 2011

I watched an excellent documentary on Beethoven last night. I picked up the phone to call Mitchell and talk about it as he had just lectured about Beethoven in his class that morning, when a tap on my shoulder made me jump out of my skin. I hung up the phone, turned around, and there […]

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