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In early 2003 our dear friends Tom Brooks and his painter wife, Jessica Rice, invited us to visit Mazatlán. Unbeknownst to me, they had arranged a meeting with a gentleman who was the head of the Teatro Angela Peralta. He took me on a tour of the theatre and told me of its amazing history. […]

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Released this week, a new CD of my complete songs featuring Juliana Gondek, soprano and William Lumpkin, piano: FOUR QUARTETS OF SONGS AND ARIAS.The YouTube clip above will give you a little preview. The album is available as an enhanced CD anywhere you buy CDs, and as a download anywhere you download music. You may […]


Cluster music, old and new

September 5, 2013

Jean-Féry Rebel (18 April 1666 – 2 January 1747) “Le Cahos” An incredible piece of dissonance for the time by Jean-Féry Rebel (1666-1747). Here is the opening of his ballet Les élémens (1737), depicting chaos, performed by Christopher Hogwood and The Academy for Ancient Music. The crunchy chord at the beginning sounds like a vii […]


My old LPs

August 29, 2013

I have an entire wall of old LPs. No, I’m not one of those that thinks the sound of LPs is superior: I grew up with the sound and am used to it, but the truth is just that I have a lot of LPs, or vinyl as we say nowadays, and inherited more from […]


Rojélio de Los Altos

August 14, 2013

Had I lived and been a composer in the 14th century people in the future might have referred to me as “Los Altos.” I bring this up as I was listening to music by Guillaume de Machaut this morning and after reading the useless notes on the Odyssey LP I realized I wanted to know […]


I rarely ask forgiveness of my readers, but forgive me for being a spotty blogger for the past few years. I’ve been busy, have been processing the transition from being a tenured university professor to an opera composer, moving to a new city, composing an opera, suffering from some medical issues, and taking a break […]


WHERE is Roger?

March 2, 2013

Bellini: I don’t mean to panic, but WHERE is Roger? He is such a sweet boy and I so enjoyed his posts on his blog. Especially when he let’s us come back and say a few words. Berlioz: I always thought that I would know, if any dead composer would know, where Roger is but […]


Sometimes I’m a bit slow. Two great musicians have been pushed in front of me lately and I don’t know why I never knew them before. Silly me. Peter Kazaras has encouraged me to investigate Bellini in terms of the way he handles dialog vs. arias. On the way I fell in love with a […]


I am a notorious space case when it comes to driving. It started when I was in my first car accident when I was 17. I was driving through the suburbs of Green Bay, singing my heart out when BAM, I was broadsided by a car and I spun onto a neighbor’s lawn: no injuries, […]

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Time away

July 4, 2012

With an enormous deadline looming [finishing my opera this fall], I like to think that I would just as soon work all the time. Then I realized that I need to eat, so I will always take a 1 hour lunch, and usually don’t work at night if we have guests. My dogs ensure that […]