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Tug and Run

November 15, 2007

Our dogs require a daily dose of exercise. I’ve isolated the two favorite exercising rhythms that our dogs thrive on: running–whether it be a chase, or a run/walk with the pack–and playing tug. Running is aerobic, and it stimulates the cardiovascular system, and the other is tugging on a toy, a toy onto which they […]


Dogs baby sitting

November 12, 2007

Whenever I stretch out on the floor, my dogs assume that I’m dying and they immediately come and start licking my face. I’m not a big fan of getting licked in the face by my dogs, but I realize that this instinct could save my life some day, so I’ve learned from Daniel to thank […]


Fetching the ball I threw

November 5, 2007

Cody started figuring out that he could sit out fetching the ball. He’d just sit and watch Giaco race down the driveway, retrieve the ball, and dash back to give it back so that I would throw it again. If I would give Cody grief by saying “Cody! Go get the ball!” He’ll just turn […]


Daily duties with the dogs

September 4, 2007

Having two male 5-year old Italian Greyhounds requires certain daily responsibilities. After being fed, the most important activity is activity, or exercise. Our dogs get very high strung and snappy when they don’t have exercise. (Hmmm.) Every day at three pm, I throw the ball and play tug with them. Giaco loves to catch the […]


This just in from Angus. A heart warming video and story about friendship in the wild. (Click on this picture to watch the video.) [Photo © Norbert Rosing.]


New Teresina photos

May 24, 2007

Over the past five years I have had an annual photo shoot with my dear friend and trainer Teresina. Here are two (of the 500) from our most recent photo shoot. Teresina is passionate about her stationary bicycle, so this is a sexy pose with her buddy, the bike. The second one shows her surrounded […]

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Alpha dog, Beta dog

April 14, 2007

We have two male Italian greyhounds named Cody and Giaco. Daniel “designed” Cody’s name by looking for vocal sounds that were short, simple, and able to be repeated many times — like when the dog is lost and you have to say Heeeeere Cody Cody Cody Cody, and not names like Heeeeere Alexander Alexander Alexander […]


Here is a sweet clip from a family that lost their Italian Greyhound, Bitty, to bad dog food. Heartbreaking. We have 2 IGs, and Bitty looks a bit like our Cody. They are fragile dogs and have fragile digestive systems. If you have a dog, be sure you’re not feeding it tainted food.