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Willing amateurs

May 16, 2006

“I’d rather work with a willing amateur than a bored whore.” [Composer Mel Powell to his student, Les Thimmig in a private lesson in the Yale composition program, ca. 1968.]


Teresina: Your own gym

April 21, 2006

As with any exercise program, discuss the R4YL! plan with your doctor before you get started. Don’t jump ahead. This is a progressive program. Start where you are. Learn the difference between actions that are productive and those that are destructive. An injury can stop you in your tracks. Respect your fitness level; don’t think […]


My brother, Andy, has had his own blog for quite some time. Although he’s on a hiatus from blogging of late, I’m lifting a post from his blog that I found stimulating. Each of us is different in what stimulates us creatively. I have avoided “artist colonies” as I’m perfectly happy working at home. And […]

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Composer, flutist, professor, and close friend Mark Carlson is celebrating 20 years of presenting chamber music concerts in the Los Angeles area. The group is called Pacific Serenades and they pride themselves, and have been awarded two ASCAP grants for adventuresome programming, in commissioning a new composiition for every concert. Mark was the first in […]


My father, ready to buy a stationary bicycle, wrote me to ask Teresina’s advice on what kind of bicycle to buy. Here is her response (I’ve kept her e e cummings punctuation and poetic lineation). Dear Roger’s Dad, I prefer a good sturdy upright bike. however, you have to work harder to support the upper […]


Photo by Roger Bourland Ride 4 Your Life! is a program that developed in my life as a result of overcoming chronic fatigue, self-deprecation, an injured knee, and ultimately, fear of becoming FAT. It became a way of life, a day-to-day application of putting my efforts where they would get me the best results, physically […]


Photo by Roger Bourland Heart disease is the number one killer in this country, and most of it is reversible. Diabetes is no longer for the old, it is taking over our young people, and can be reversible if caught early. Diabetes, early signs of heart disease, and obesity are at epidemic proportions. And in […]


Photo by Roger Bourland. The number one reason we cite for not exercising is lack of time, and it’s true –– who really has time to go to the gym? The demands we put on ourselves, and the priorities of the day barely leave us enough time to take a shower.Is it practical for most […]


Teresina: My Recovery

March 17, 2006

[A continuation of the first chapter in Teresina’s book called “Ride 4 Your Life.”] After my knee became stronger, I got cocky and bored (a very dangerous combination). Between swimming, the clothes changing, chlorine hair, and having to go to the gym, it was just too much to do everyday. And I also wanted to […]


(A serial publication of the book, Ride 4 Your Life! on health and fitness by Teresina.) I moved to NYC to make my way to the great stage. I danced, joined a gym and exercised hard. Aerobics was the craze and I was hooked. I loved the high, I loved the sweat, and I loved […]