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The intelligence of dogs

March 19, 2012

This video of a golden retriever getting a B+ in solfege and pitch matching, along with many experiences with our dogs have caused me to completely re-evaluate my opinion about dog intelligence. This dog is doing what music teachers teach their students to do at the very beginning of their musical training. If you can’t […]

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My new favorite gin

September 2, 2011

Gin is still my favorite spirit. Dorothy Parker reportedly said I like to have a martini Two at the very most After three I’m under the table After four I’m under the host. These days, one is sufficient and whereas I used to prefer my martinis violently shaken, I now have a mega ice cube […]

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A collaboration between composer Roger Bourland, librettist Mitchell Morris, and director Peter Kazaras will result in a new opera about the 19th century diva Ángela Peralta (1845-1883). Ángela Peralta will be composed over the next two years and receive a semi-staged workshop performance at UCLA in spring 2013. The cast will feature faculty and student […]

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Bad news can…

April 27, 2010

Bad news can really knock the wind out of you. Bad news can make you feel sick. Bad news can ruin your whole day, sometimes longer. What is bad news? News of death, poor health or scary maladies; news of financial, personal, or emotional loss; news of someone’s hostility for someone or something; news that […]

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How to cut a mango

September 20, 2008

I keep forgetting how to do this. This should help me remember. Mmmm Mangoes!

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This morning I will be attending a memorial service for Muriel Gluck who died last Friday. Mrs Gluck has been an angel for many institutions, including the UCLA Music Department, the UC Riverside Music Department and Juilliard School of Music. Her generosity has supported and changed lives of many musicians and audiences for the past […]

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Sad, sad, sad. So much for Mr Robinson’s advice to young Benjamin in “Mrs Robinson.” Think twice about tossing plastic “into the garbage.”

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How smart do ya hafta be?

November 11, 2007

Daniel Wolf found this questionable resource: The Blog Readability Test where you can enter the URL of your blog, and find what level of education is required to understand it. I blushed to see that mine was Junior High School. I immediately put in Alex Ross’s blog and was relieved to find that his was […]

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The earth is growing

March 2, 2007

Here is an interesting piece from Neal Adams debunking continental drift–rather, the earth is expanding. I have to admit, it makes sense.

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Cool news

March 1, 2007

Bionic Eye © Mark Henderson Well, it’s happening: a bionic eye is on the way. I love this brave new world! Video for Book Nerds “A stop motion video that took me 4 hours to make, i had to move the books 903 times, the books move around and do interesting things.” From Adamuk12321 Professor […]

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