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Internet Anagram Server

November 4, 2006

I visit Internet Anagram Server from time to time to consult the anagram oracle, or “I, rearrange servant” –– a resource offered by I recently consulted it to see what silliness would spring up if I put in REDBLACKWINDOW. And of course I had to put my own name in to find out what […]

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The terror alert status is still elevated, and musicians are just sick about it. A pair of American violinists may have to leave their fiddles in Britain because the airlines won’t let the instruments into the cabin. Having just gone through quite a few check points just getting to Hawaii, I relate. I misunderstood what […]


Avid acquires Sibelius

August 4, 2006

For you musicians out there, the company that makes all those nifty musical examples I post, Sibelius, has been acquired by Avid, the company famous for video editing, and will have its new home with Digidesign, the subdivision that makes ProTools, a staple of creating electro-acoustic music masters for music and film. The company was […]


When I was an undergraduate at UW Madison, I teased one of my classmates by, after telling me that she was moving to California, warning her that she might fall into the ocean after “the big one.” She stared at me with this icy glare and said: “ROGER, YOU CAN’T LIVE IN FEAR.” Very good […]


Return of vinyl?

June 7, 2006

Tony Glover’s article in The Business tells us that LPs are outselling CDs at the Virgin Megastore. You heard me right. Up to 70% of sales of new releases are vinyl. The fans of popular new rock bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Raconteurs prefer vinyl to CD,” said Campkin. “When the Raconteurs’ latest […]


My second favorite band of the 60s behind the Beatles is the Byrds. Nearly everything they did from 1965 to 1970 in their various incarnations was interesting, although after Crosby, Clark, Clarke and Hillman left my enthusiasm wained. Gram Parsons and Clarence White were two post-Byrds mega-stars that put in time. I’m pretty sure I […]



May 23, 2006

From the creator of Sequenza 21, Jerry Bowles, has created blognoggle, a compendium of RSS feeds about music, mostly contemporary and classical music. It has two cousins, that focus on Politics and Business as well. Several of my posts have appear there, along with a bevy of other thoughtfully curated posts. Red Black Window is […]


Gram Parsons and Nudie Cohen I’m amazed: who’d a thunk it? CMT, or Country Music Television, has a website, and featured in it is a tribute to one of my old heroes, Gram Parsons. I think the argument can easily be made that Gram Parsons was to country-rock what Hank Williams was to mainstream country. […]


Photo by George DeSota I was surprised to read that Paul and his 2nd wife, Heather Mills, have split after four years of marriage. They blamed “intrusion from the media” for the split. Uh, yeah. Is that kinda like “the devil made me do it?” Here’s the kicker: Paul is worth around 1 billion dollars, […]

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