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Rediscovering the Uke

September 23, 2011

I learned to play the ukulele a long time ago and put it out of my mind until last year, when I bought one for $99 just for the heck of it. I remember learning from the Beatles DVD set, that they took ukes with them while on the road: portable, and great sketch pads […]

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The story behind this one is: Matias, Jenny, Daniel and Roger were exploring the Languedoc region and were staying a half an hour away from Uzes, the city French refer to as being in the middle of nowhere. So we were on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. We needed some eggs. It was […]

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Hilarious routines

February 19, 2011

We have two Italian Greyhounds (think: miniature greyhounds) that need exercise everyday: I throw the ball for 15 minutes, play tug, and ideally we hike in a nearby dog park (Runyan Canyon). Inevitably, if I/we watch TV, the dogs go to their toy box and pull out each toy, dropping them at our feet hoping […]

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Hungry Harold

February 7, 2011

I have been watching a little spider in an open window. A friendly spider. As it has been winter, so there are fewer flies and bugs for Harold (I named him Harold) to eat. I found a baby fly swimming around in water and grabbed him for Harold. That kept him for a few days. […]

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Time travel in your mind

January 28, 2011

Knowing myself to wax nostalgic I alter my reality from time to time. How? I pretend that in the future I have decided to come back to my present reality at age 57, and experience everything as though it was my second time through, enjoying it even more. Try it sometime with your reality. Consider […]

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Home page amnesia

January 19, 2011

Don’t you find that you go to your computer with the intention of doing something, buying something on or making a To Do list or researching something, and you wake up your computer to your browser’s homepage, which, of course, you have programmed to be what you are most interested in, and WHAMMO, you’ve […]

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I have had a blast discovering the various names in my family tree, both first and last. Today I share a box full of fun first names that may be of use to future moms and dads who are looking for old fashioned American/English names from largely Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Although we […]

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David Rodes introduced me to James Merrill in 1989. I was to provide a music soundtrack to a live reading of “Voices from Sandover”–a condensed version of the epic poem, “Changing Light at Sandover.” During that time, James and I became good friends, as well as his partner, Peter Hooten, who was also in the […]

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Psychic blogging

August 10, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of articles about the joy and limitations of a new generation of toys built on one’s brain waves contolling some parameter in the game. For the last two months, I have been blogging psychically, having a running post, for you, as I go through my life. It’s almost turning into The […]

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Today at school we ordered 100 new chairs that can be used in lecture, with side desktops, and by choral singers. In that the desktops are in both left and right-handed orientation, I wondered what the breakdown of left-handers to right was. I found that 7 to 10% of humans are left-handed. We ordered ten […]

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